Recently Launched Websites

Today I thought I’d share a few websites that I’ve come across a that have recently undergone a refresh. In all cases the new website is an improvement from the from the previous website version which is a good thing. After all we’d be a bit worried if they were going backwards wouldn’t we!

1. Dymocks this is a HUGE improvement on their previous site and you can now search for individual books as well as browse by categories and more. I did notice that their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) leaves a little to be desired though. They have the same title tag and keywords on every page and no descriptions showing either. Fortunately this isn’t effecting their rankings for obvious words like “books” but as soon as you search for “kids books” or “book club” they do tend to drop off the radar. Although website tags aren’t the be all and end all of search tactics, they generally give an idea of the priority given by the organisation in making sure the site can be found.

2. Ford have launched a well timed game for this Cricket season giving users an opportunity to “Tonk a Pom”. There’s also a car to be won.

3. Gatorade www. Gatorade have launched this new website which ties in with their current TV commercials. It’s an interesting approach with the website taking the position of being “Anti-Gatorade” because of its ability to make people perform better. The site is done quite well and is visually appealing and presents the facts more as “evidence” which always makes it a bit more interesting. The downside in doing a campaign like this is that because of the concept, Gatorade aren’t linking to it from their main website and it makes it a bit hard to find when you forget the URL and when it also doesn’t appear in search engines…

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