Riding the Blue Freeway

Our company, Agency Fusion, has recently joined Blue Freeway, a group of specialist digital and interactive marketing communications companies which have been recently formed in Australia and listed on the ASX. Blue Freeway aims to service clients as a full service online agency without the need for a client to use multiple providers to get access to all of the interactive services that are around these days.

Obviously it makes good sense to me (and was also the basis on which Agency Fusion was founded) as Marketing Directors and CEO’s are busy enough planning and running integrated campaigns without having to personally worry about the 8 or 9 different facets which apply to the interactive side of campaigns (including development, hosting, SEO, SEM, strategy, email marketing, SMS, campaign management etc).

With the share price already booming it’s obvious that the market was well and truly ready for this type of play and I look forward to hearing more exciting announcements as Blue Freeway truly hits its strides in the coming months.

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