Email Direct Marketing – Finally Shining Through

For some time now I’ve spoken to clients about email marketing and email acquisition campaigns and explained the range of benefits that this method has over traditional direct mail. Not only is it more measurable, allows better targeting, can be implemented quicker, provides an easy response method and allows personalisation, but it actually also gets better results.

Traditionally direct marketing campaigns achieve a response rate of a few percent and online responses range from approx 3% to up to 20% in some of the campaigns I’ve worked on. Given this, I’m not surprised to see the latest figures coming out of the UK in the increased take up of email direct marketing (eDM) over traditional direct mail.

According to research Alterian, 14% of marketers in the UK are planning to increase their spend on direct mail this year, while 90% are planning to increase their spend on online direct marketing. Apparently these figures aren’t quite the same in the US, however I wouldn’t be surprised if Australia is closely following on the UK’s heels in this one.

View DigitalBulletin’s article on this research.

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