Take A Note Campaign

Campaign banner exampleI’m not sure if anyone has come across Staedtler’s online campaign in the last few months. Back when I saw it around November there were a number of interactive banners online (quite clever ones where the banner captured your mouse over and drew around it) and the banners lead users through to a landing page at www.takenote.com.au.

The landing page is all about promoting the written word and users can type a note which using flash appears in handwriting as you type. Staedtler then actually hand write out your note on a bit of paper and post it to the address you give them.

All in all this campaign has some interesting elements to it and makes good use of the personal touch, however I don’t know whether Staedtler got such an overwhelming response that they couldn’t keep up or whether there was some other hitch because I didn’t receive my note in the post for about 6 weeks. What’s more the note came in an envelope by itself and was written in pencil. No demonstration of the style of how Staedtler pens write and no branding or any other elements included in the envelope, both of these points are missed opportunities.

All in all though, it’s good to see companies doing something different and interactive in this space, however follow through is just as important.
View some of the creative from this campaign.

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