Promoting TV Commercials Online

Flight Centre AdThis week Flight Centre was another corporate who utilised web for a pre-launch of their upcoming TV Commercial. As one of their subscribers, I received an email notifying me of the “Flight Centre Unbeatable” campaign and was given an opportunity to “sneak preview” the TVC. So I did.

What did I find? The TVC is what you’d expect from a travel consultant company and obviously Flight Centre are trying to demonstrate their commitment to their customers in this consumer fickle time. However, companies need to learn the key difference between TV commercials being broadcast media and web being interactive.

Sure sending me through to their TV Commercial online is a cheap way of getting extra eyeballs to view the commercial, however if there is no call to action in the online channel, views will ultimately walk away. Yes there are a couple of links on the page which go to some current offers, but nothing different to what you’d see on the Flight Centre website any day of the week.

I would have liked to see the page include a few ways for users to take the next step after watching the TVC. Let consumers search for locations specific to their needs, or offer for a consultant to give them a call to chat about an upcoming holiday or even discuss online.

Perhaps the ultimate question here is, will a “commitment” campaign by Flight Centre be enough to encourage web users to book holidays through them (especially domestic), when there are so many ‘do it yourself’ online resources available?

Also it pays to note that the video for Flight Centre doesn’t appear to be working in Firefox…?

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