Australian Web Update

NineMSNA few sites have recently gone under the knife and come up with a brand new design. One of Australia’s most popular sites NineMSN is one of the ones that has gone through a transformation recently.

I have to say I’m quite a fan of NineMSN’s new look. They have found a way to make the site easy to take in at a first glance, which is a big ask for any site with as much content as NineMSN. In particular I’m a fan of the “Guide” area on the right of the homepage which can be personalised by region and provides quick links to some valuable information. It’s not dissimilar from Yahoo7’s dynamic area in the same space on their homepage. Of course the proof of any site redesign will be in the usability of finding deep content on the site which will be seen over time.

My HomeIn the last week another site has been launched in the already competitive real estate market, this a result of a joint venture between PBL and Microsoft. I’m not as fond of the design of this site although at first glance, it seems user friendly and has some neat features (along with a couple of bugs!) It’s understood that this site will compete primarily on a price basis with large competitors and who have been criticised in recent times for their frequent price increases. We’ll be watching the performance of MyHome in the coming months.

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