More than an Unsubscribe

We all know how hard we work to get permission to contact users electronically, but how hard do we work to keep them? Today I’m not taking about large retention strategies, communication matrix or up-sells, I’m talking about basic “ease of use” for your subscriber database.

I recently had the need to change my primary email address on a number of my email subscriptions and I found it surprisingly hard. Now I receive regular emails on a whole range of topics from interactive marketing through to local information and I identified a problem that occurred in every category.

I didn’t want to unsubscribe from a communication, I simply wanted to change my email address that that email went to. But many of my newsletters didn’t give me a choice. Companies have adopted the mandatory ‘unsubscribe’ link very well, but not all have considered what other options used jointly might best serve the subscriber. With many of the newsletters I receive, I had to use the unsubscribe link, then go back to their main website, find the subscription link and re-subscribe using my new email address. Now I happen to be fairly fond of my newsletter subscriptions, but would your database work that hard to stay with you?

So what am I proposing? Well in most cases it’s pretty simple – give your subscribers the option to change their details as well to unsubscribe. And if your email solutions provider doesn’t make this easy, ask them why!


One Response to More than an Unsubscribe

  1. Nathan McKean says:

    You raise an interesting point here. On top of that, by unsunscribing and resubscribing, you now appear (in statistics) to look like a new member, as the database will record your join date as ‘today’. Had you been able to simply update your email address, the true reflection of your loyalty to that newsletter (whether it be 1 month of 5 years) would be accurately reflected and offers could be better tailored to your loyalty.

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