How Much?

Working agency side, part of my job is to identify solutions, define requirements and price a range of jobs for clients and there are times when there is a gap between client expectations and reality of pricing (especially for the smaller clients).

I came across a good Clickz article today which breaks down some of the costs involved in creating a campaign landing page which I think shows a good break down of what might be involved in a project of this nature.

Whilst I wouldn’t price a job entirely in the way shown, it does bring a certain amount of reality to the work that can go into something as simple as a landing page and is a good reference for those who aren’t as up to speed on what’s involved in web page development.

When reading the article, please keep in mind that this is priced in US$ and that the costs for some things may be a little low (Do you know any agencies that charge the equivalent of AUD $80 per hour – I don’t!)

View the article here.

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