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Yahoo7 Music RadioWe’ve previously taken a look at Pandora functionality and today I’d like to have a look at another online radio option which is provided through Yahoo7 Music.

On Yahoo7, logged in users can “create their own radio station”. Visitors select their favourite artists and genres and their choices will influence the music that is played on their personal station.

More so, users can then share their radio station with others (in fact all stations are public). Not only does this give you some variety, but if another station plays a song/artist or album that you like, you can rate it and it will be noted to influence song choice your own station.

Yahoo7 is funding this technology by paying royalties for every song and bandwidth minutes and passing this on to the user at no charge. In addition to this, the same type of functionality is available for music videos.

I must say I’m pretty impressed by the flexibility of this functionality and it certainly raises a lot of questions relating to the future of music radio.

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