Lonely Planet TV

Lonely Planet TVLonely Planet has jumped into web 2.0 with the launch of their new Lonely Planet TV website.

The new website contains a whole bunch of video clips on a wide range of destinations with most of the clips being user submitted. As you’d expect once you’ve joined you can rate the clips, leave a comment, add to your favourites or indeed upload your own video.

I found the video streaming a little slow which resulted in a poor experience however once they did download, the few videos that I did click on provided quite good content. I was surprised that there wasnt a strong linkage between this site and any other Lonely Planet content though – surely an opportunity missed?

I could see this site being used to assist in pre-travel decision making however I would have found it more useful if the search results included a place name rather than some of the random (user generated) titles. Better still, have the videos better organised by location to allow for optimum user friendliness.

As video content moves from all encompassing sites like YouTube to subject specific content like this one, people who are time poor will start to interact with video more. The key will be to streamline the video searching and viewing process to accommodate this “purpose related browsing”.

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