EMI Embraces Music Flexibility

The Digital Rights Management (DRM) battle has been going on since digital music sales took off online and has restricted users from playing music across different technology and formats.

For those of you not familiar with digital music, this means that restrictions are placed on music downloads to restrict unauthorised duplication and use. This can also mean (for example) that music downloaded through a msn partner (eg. Telstra Big Pond) can’t be easily converted to format supported by Apple iTunes (or indeed iPod).

Now EMI has been the first music label to announce that they will provide DRM-free, high quality music tracks which will be sold through apple iTunes. Of course there is a small catch, this music will be slightly more expensive than other music available through iTunes. Still it is a step in the right direction and hopefully it will be successful and encourage other labels to follow suit.

Read CNET’s article on this topic.

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