Why do people read blogs?

Over the coming weeks we will spend some time evaluating corporate blogs and the value they can bring to a business as well as look at who is doing it successfully, and who isn’t. To start off though, like any communication we need to consider the reader and their role in this medium.

People read blogs for a range of reasons and I believe the top reasons are as follows:

  1. The blog provides a topic of interest and therefore is a regular reference point for the reader.
  2. The reader is researching something on a specific brand, person or company and finds your blog.
  3. The reader is researching a particular topic and finds your blog.

The ideal blog reader falls into group 1 listed above as they are more likely to be regular readers, have a real interest in the topics discussed and provide you the opportunity to build a relationship with that visitor. However all blogs have to develop readership in the beginning and that is more likely to be from points 2 or 3.

To connect with readers, your blog needs to have interesting, newsworthy, relevant (and sometimes controversial) content, be regularly updated and be easily found. More than this, it may need to reach the reader 3 or more times before it is noted as one of their regular reference points.

So do you have what it takes to start a corporate blog? In the next week we’ll look at some corporate blog successes.

3 Responses to Why do people read blogs?

  1. I love reading blogs because the content is super relevant and up to date. I like how you can quickly access more information from the topic aswell from links in the blog post and also links in the comments. I also like reading the opinions of the people who read it this gives me perspective.

    Fred Schebesta

  2. It may be a case of the cart before the horse – really, why do people write blogs? Even corporate ones – which may be viewed as odd because one of the widely promoted aspects of blogging is to inject the personality of the blogger into the posts.

    Does this mean it can be at odds with the corporate mindset, or are we trying to create a ‘corporate personality’ ?

  3. Louisa says:

    We will definitely be looking at why people (in particular corporates) create blogs, but I started with the readers because I’m a believer in the supply and demand model. In order to be successful we need to understand the demand and what the readers want in order to create a meaningful supply.

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