Meet My Virtual Twin

You may have seen a news article about an Australian company who has released a “cyber twin” chat product where users can create and teach a virtual “being” so that it can chat with people online on your behalf.

You can train your virtual twin to respond in a way consistent with how you would. The more time you spend “training” it, the more like you it will allegedly be. Once you’ve created this “chatbot” it can be used on msn’s chat or on other social networking sites and the real you doesn’t have to be there. What’s more you can come back later and view a copy of the chats that your twin has had!

Now the technology isn’t perfect and it works best with simple questions in a logical flow. I set up my My Cyber Twin yesterday – creatively also called Louisa. It took me about an hour to set her up, I answered personality questions, gave responses to how I would react to questions and then spent some more time teaching her on specific topics. Now I must say there was still a lot of teaching that I didn’t get through – you need some serious time to complete it all.

Now the quirky side of me loves that I can now literally chat to myself. Here is a dialogue of a recent conversation:

Virtual Louisa: Hi
Louisa: how you doing?
Virtual Louisa: Pretty good, how are you?
Louisa: im good
Virtual Louisa: Good to hear
Louisa: So what are you doing?
Virtual Louisa: Not much – you?
Louisa: Im updating my blog.
Virtual Louisa: Louisa I didn’t know that about you. Tell me more.
Louisa: I have a blog its at
Louisa: Where are you?
Virtual Louisa: ahh on my computer
Louisa: Do you have a dog?
Virtual Louisa: Well, MyCybertwin owner thinks I am their pet, but actually they are mine. Muoah ha ha har har.
Louisa: nice 🙂
Louisa: Do you know steve?
Virtual Louisa: I don’t but the real Louisa might, do you want me to ask?

You can talk to virtual Louisa yourself here.

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