Why do Companies Create Corporate Blogs?

This week we take a look at why a business may choose to start a corporate blog. We have already considered why a visitor may be interested in reading a blog and this is always an important consideration. After all if your target audience isn’t interested in the content, there is no point.

So let’s take a look at why a business may want to create a blog:
• To communicate with their target audience in a less formal way
• To release information to a broad audience
• For internal staff communications
• To create a dialogue with your clients
• To allow feedback and comments from your clients which in turn can be openly responded to and addressed.

Businesses are now accepting that a customer will openly discuss products and services online and therefore providing a platform and somewhat controlling the environment to these comments (particularly negative ones) becomes appealing.

But starting a business blog isn’t as simple as all that. Consideration needs to be given to what the blog hopes to achieve and how it will be setup. Will it be accessible via the company website or is it a personal blog of one of the company founders or directors? All businesses should be aware of the need to be honest and “real” on their blog. Creating a fake character, ghost writing or anything remotely dishonest in the blogosphere will be discovered and will ultimately hurt your brand. Just ask Dell.

So now we know what readers want and what companies want. Next we’ll look at some successful business blogs and see what is working for them.

3 Responses to Why do Companies Create Corporate Blogs?

  1. Thought you would be interested in an article we recently posted on the same subject titled “Reasons Why Corporate Blogging Fails”. Thanks for the insights
    -The Dimano Marketing Team

  2. Greg says:

    Corporate blogging requires a commitment. There is nothing worse than going to a blog and seeing that the last entry is months old- it is better not to have the blog at all than do that. But a good blog will get links back to it which in turn will improve search engine rankings- which is very important for small business.

    The Australian Small Business Blog

  3. Steven says:

    I think people have embraced blogging because for once the content is being generated by people at a grass roots level, unedited by major media corporations with political agendas. Blogs provide readers with the opportunity to obtain alternate perspectives – some real balance!

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