Finding a new Domain name

Domain NamesAnyone who has started a business recently would have experienced how hard it is to find an available domain name.

In Australia, most businesses want both the .com and the extensions on domain names, and there are very few options left.

Sometimes I long for the old days when you could start a business in one city and it wouldn’t matter if there was a similar named business in another city or state. Now we have to worry about what names people on the other side of the world are using when thinking of a company name and its web address. What’s more, people these days often have bigger ambitions for their business. Global business and world domination is more likely as the borders have thinned and the distances lessened. If you were starting a business now that had any chance of going overseas a .com name would be critical.

But the competition is fierce. It’s not only businesses that want company names consistent with domain names, but there are bloggers and individuals clamoring for their own online space. Some businesses also have multiple domain name themes, campaign sites, product sites and a few spare URL’s registered long ago that are tucked up their sleeves.

So what is the solution? Businesses are becoming increasingly creative with their names and using adjectives (colours, numbers etc) to create uniqueness.

But where will this situation leave us in years to come? Will .net (and other) domain extensions become as mainstream Will people have to stop guessing domain names and use search more to wade through a larger number of domain extensions when looking for a website?

No one ever imagined the internet would become as big as it has. In hindsight, I think domain names are one thing that we would have planned differently.

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