Australian TV on Demand (or Not)

Today we take a look at where Australia is at with TV on Demand.  Some channels are now making TV shows available to purchase (or for free) online after they have aired, however sadly this is far from being the norm.

TV on demand has been talked about for years and Australia is well behind our international neighbours in having this service on offer. I understand there are issues with costs and advertising, however surely these items can now be resolved?

In the US many TV shows can now be downloaded via iTunes, however if you try to access these from Australia, it blocks this service from being available.

Let’s take a look at which Australian TV channels are currently at offering TV on demand:

  • ABC: Have video on demand for free for some programs including Media Watch, New Inventors and Enough Rope.
  • Channel 9: Have “Catch up TV”. Currently only for McCleod’s Daughters and soon for CSI. Cost is $1.95 each.
  • Channel 7: Previews of following week and snippets only.
  • Channel 10: Have some TV snippets available for free. No full shows available to watch.

On most of these sites it’s difficult to find any information about TV on demand. Sites seem to be confused about whether it should sit within the TV shows area, in video or in entertainment. It seems like no one can agree, so dont expect to be easily able to find the pages again!

With options lacking for Australian’s who miss one of their favourite shows, there are an increasing number of pirated versions being passed around. I’m one person who would spend a few dollars per episode to watch a show at my leisure. Obviously the stations don’t think there are enough people who will pay to take this to the next level. Disappointing.

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