Australian Corporate Blog Review – Telstra’s Now We Are Talking

Telstra’s BlogAs we continue our business blogging topic , we’ll start the blog reviews with one of the better known Australian business blogs – Telstra with their Now We Are Talking blog.

The Now We Are Talking site launched in 2005 and formed a destination where (amongst other things) staff from all different areas of Telstra post blogs on a range of topics. The site doesn’t look particularly “bloggy”. In fact it almost looks too “fun” and colourful to be a blog! The blogs typically contain quite long articles and cover a range of topics from future technology to pay phones. None of these specifically appealed to me as a visitor however one of the blogs “Blogtoon” did catch my attention (unfortunately this blogger is no longer continuing though – doh!)

Of the 14 blogs on the Now We Are Talking site only half have been updated in the last 2 weeks which is a low rate for blogging updates at best. Blogging is a serious, draining commitment and if you aren’t going to get addicted to it motivated to update, there isn’t a lot of point publishing irregular updates to a no doubt diminishing audience.

Content surrounding the Telstra blogs is quite corporate which indicates this site is a bit of a mash up between a corporate site, and a blog – a site trying to push industry information in a more informal environment. Still Telstra are calling it a success and we can only take them at their word.

Telstra may have not hit the nail on the head yet in terms of the optimal blogging mix, but good on them for having a go and more importantly, keeping it going. We’ll look at some other corporate blogs soon.

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