Random New and Interesting Websites

Has anyone noticed a plethora of unusual sounding websites coming into play? I’m sure its as a result of internet ideas growing faster than internet domain name options but here are a few of the latest unusually named (and natured) websites!

www.twitter.com – tell everyone what you are doing online
www.zazz.com.au –  one day sale, one item (Australia)
www.woot.com – one day sale, one item (US)
www.tabber.org – social address book site
www.zude.com – personalised online presence
www.spinvox.com – converts speech to text
www.babelgum.com – a new era of internet TV
www.peekface.com– review and rate companies you’ve worked at
– online brainstorming tool

This will become a regular feature – hope you enjoy!

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