Mentos Viral Ad

Check out this viral video currently on YouTube

If you missed the URL in it, here it is:

This is one of the better viral videos that I’ve seen that follows through to engage the consumer.

The one area where it falls down is the lack of moderation in the user submitted content. This is vital to remember or it can distract from your brand message (see the gallery).

2 Responses to Mentos Viral Ad

  1. Nathan McKean says:


    One more area where this campaign falls down is its non-compliance to the Australian Spam Act, its British equivalent and no doubt others as well.

    The send to a friend functionality within this campaign fails to originate from the friend/sender, but instead originates from Sadly, Make Art Pop does not have permission to email the friend unsolicited – nor can people ‘opt someone else in’.

    This is by far not the first instance of a company ignoring the global reach of campaigns and not considering the laws of other countries, and it won’t be the last.

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