Carbon Offsetting through Online Purchases

I notice that as more and more companies offer Carbon Offsetting of goods and services we are starting to see this item pop up more online.

Carbon OffsetVirgin Blue is one company that has taken the lead here and is offering customers the chance to offset flights by purchasing carbon credits. In this day and age we all need to be doing our bit, so good on these companies for taking the first step to have this on offer. My only critisim of this is in the implementation where it is a separate step and separate transaction to pay for the carbon offsetting. Surely the uptake would be much higher if it was an optional extra at the time of the initial purchase, as opposed to a separate transaction at the end. I know I personally prefer not to put amounts such as $1.64 (the amount to offset a return flight from Brisbane to Sydney) on my credit card as it seems a bit of a waste. Hopefully the integration of this payment will be the next improvement in this important matter, and for the meantime, I guess its two credit card transactions for me!

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