Google Web History

Google have recently released a new tool which “assists” users by remembering which websites they have visited and searched and thereby making it easier to find those websites again. The tool is called Google History and can be accessed here:

To use it, you need to have Google’s toolbar downloaded and then your ‘web history’ can be accessed through your Google account online.

This demonstrates yet another example of how Google is getting access to large amounts of personalised data.  What’s more, they openly say that your web history will impact your search results (based on previous searches and what sites you’ve visited)  and Google also collects and publishes information on your website usage trends (including times of day and sites).

The mind boggles at the amount of information Google must now have access to throughout their product range. By the time you add up web history, email,  search, maps, photos, video, desktop, chat , books, blogs…the list goes on and on.

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