Google Personalised Home Rename

iGoogleThis week Google has renamed and added additional functionality to their personalised homepage section. I’ve been using Google’s personalised home page for some time now. Mainly because it’s been really helpful to store my bookmarks and I have some comfort in knowning I could access those bookmarks from any computer if I needed to.

So like many, I was recently surprised to see an ‘i’ appear in front of the Google word and initially thought it might be a temporary promotion or celebration as Google often participates in this. It wasn’t until later that I realised I was seeing the ‘i’ because I was logged in and that not everyone sees it!

Apparently “iGoogle” was the original name for Google’s personalised home page, however it was shelved initially in favor of a generic naming and has only recently been pulled out for active use. In addition to this there are now some google themes available which change the look of the header area (also personalised for time of day).¬† Themes have been available for some time on many portal sites and its a little late coming from Google. I’m sure the six themes currently available will quickly expand in coming weeks!

Just another small change in the world of Google. Add it to list!

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