Dressed to Connect

iShirtWhat effect is technology having on our lives? Perhaps a bigger effect than many of us would think…

First Nike and Apple bought out shoes that connect with an iPod so that you can set your fitness regime to your personal fitness sound track. And now there is a piece of clothing that would compliment that perfectly.

Enter the iShirt.  The iShirt is built to accommodate your mobile phone or digital media advice complete with a pocket and a headphone cord holder. Now you can listen to your iPod or similar with NO HANDS! Unlike other iShirts out there, this one doesn’t scream out the word iShirt, which can only be a good thing.

As the next step we will have to move towards converging humans with technology rather than simply finding ways to wear it. Perhaps we could have a  phone that doubles as a watch. It can attach to our wrists and be a mobile, camera, watch, walkie talkie and  internet connection – all through a seamless implant!

One Response to Dressed to Connect

  1. I think the next big move will be with the new sliver solar cells developed at the ANU. These will allow garments that are made with large amounts of solar cells as part of the actual fabric. So the issue of flat batteries need never be a problem for amy battery powered devices – as long as you stay our in the sun!

    Commercial release of these cells is expected within 12 months – with initial applications for traditional solar panel uses – at 1/3 current costs.

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