Online Impacts of Australia’s Do Not Call list

Last week a “Do Not Call” register was started by the Australian government. The Do Not Call list is a list of phone numbers and details of people who do not want to be contacted on the telephone (mobile + land lines) in relation to marketing and sales activities. Over 250,000 people have joined the list so far showing the great demand for this service.

Whilst there are some exceptions to companies who must comply with the Do Not Call Register (eg charities, government etc), the existence of this list is likely to have a large effect on marketers who previously relied on this technique to drive sales and interest for their business.

As the telephone channel is more restricted, I expect to see more marketers explore the online channel to fill this gap for their business. Of course email is one tactic bound to be considered although it has restrictions of its own with the Australian SPAM Act requiring individuals to be opted in before they can receive emails. Nevertheless, due to the large number of opt in lists legitimately available for rent this is one channel that may take some of the load.

Of courses, if email marketing can take up some of the previous telemarketing business the approach will have to be modified accordingly. Email is more about providing an offer or an “exchange” of some type rather than a straight sell. Often I encourage marketers to utilise email marketing in a two phase approach. Step one is the introduction, acquisition and relationship stage with step two being the sell or second offer.

I only hope that businesses who are making this shift to online take the time to understand the difference between telemarketing and online channels available in order not to jeopardise the relationships that other companies already enjoy through these mechanics.

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