UK New Viral Game

Trolley_racerThe UK’s higher education central application body has launched a new viral game, Trolley Racer in the hopes of driving traffic to the site and supporting their commercial partners. The game allows students to race around a university campus in a trolley, racing against the clock and against the leader board. It is setup so that students from different campus can race each other, thus establishing some rivalry and hoped stickiness.

The referral part of the game is fairly elementary with it triggering a simple prepopulated email through an installed email client and allowing the users to enter their friends names. I would question if this matches how students use email – do most students have Outlook or Outlook Express setup, or do they simply use online versions either through school or uni or the likes of hotmail (in which case the referral won’t be nearly as effective)?

It also has to be asked whether trolley racing is something that the universities would actually want to encourage?

All in all its a fun little game to play however I would personally question how well it will meet its objectives…

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