UK Music MashUp Game

MusicMashUpCheck out the new Music MashUp game run by MSN Music in the UK. To play the game and have a chance at winning the prizes you need to listen to the sound bites and read the clues that appear in MSN Live Search in order to guess the song title. It is fairly easy to complete (even for someone not good at guessing song titles!) and it is a bit of fun to play too. There is also a version for celebrities and for movies if they are more your thing.

The purpose of the game and competition seems to be to encourage users to use MSN’s Live Search however in my opinion there are a few flaws to consider.

Firstly, whilst the MSN Live Search clues may help, the user could easily guess the song title without consulting MSN Live Search which makes that component a bit superfluous. I also had browser issues (using IE7) with the search which somehow removed the scroll bar from the window. This meant I couldn’t scroll any of the results (clues) which was rather frustrating when I was actually trying to consider them.

Apart from these items, it was a fun game to play – have a go!

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