Australian Participation Marketing Campaign

NameItIn the B&T Bootcamp Presentation a few weeks ago, one of the things I talked about was Participation Marketing.

Participation Marketing is when consumers participate in the branding, positioning or marketing process. This can be either through an invitation from the company or proactively. At the time of my presentation whilst there were plenty of international campaign examples, it was difficult to find any local implementations of this tactic. However in the last week, McDonalds in Australia have launched their own participation marketing campaign – “Name It Burger”.

This campaign invites consumers to suggest a name for McDonald’s latest burger release. The campaign is promoted on TV and at outlets and the person with the winning name will feature in a TV ad and win a Sony entertainment package. This is one of Australia’s first large scale participation marketing campaigns and will be a good case study of consumer response for this tactic.

All Name It entries are received via a campaign based website at which is a straight to the point, attractive mini site that keeps people focused on the task at hand.

At this stage, I can’t fault the campaign. The key to success, as with any other large scale implementation will be to ensure that it get’s the publicity and exposure needed to generate a mass response. Also it is important to leverage the follow up opportunities that a campaign like this provides to ensure that the maximum connection with customers is gained through communications and that the outcome of the campaign is made available.

One Response to Australian Participation Marketing Campaign

  1. Yes it is good to see some of what I call on my blog “consumer engagement”.
    One of the places that seems very proactive on this….India of all places.
    Oddly Australia seems to be one of the least innovative countries in innovative or consumer engagement style marketing.

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