Mentos Breaking New Ground

A new Mentos campaign has hit the internet and follows on from their previous viral campaigns (one of which is discussed here).

This one is a campaign with a difference and is targeting generation Y-ers. Rather than me tell you all about it, check out this write up from iMedia Connection and see the Mentos website here.

By the way, I checked it out and so far Trevor has 639 Facebook friends & 46 Facebook friends. I did try to allocate Trevor a task (to write a blog update in fact) however the site seems to be having a few problems at the moment and the task submission didn’t work… a fairly integral part of the campaign, hopefully it will work next time!

2 Responses to Mentos Breaking New Ground

  1. Graeme says:

    heh, I see poor Treveor is sick at the moment. I must say some of his vids are pretty funny.

  2. Nathan says:

    I don’t know if Mentos (or BBH USA) for that moment are particularly breaking new ground here. This shows a lot of similarities to Dare’s award winning DareSchool campaign.

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