Defining Your Website Goals

One of the most important things that I find in online marketing is defining your website goals. This continually comes up whether it be a conversation about a website development, a strategy, online marketing or a search campaign.

Often when I ask my customers what they want to achieve out of their website, I get responses such as “develop an online destination for my target audience”, “have an easy to maintain website”, “make it user friendly” etc. It is always vital to consider what the value proposition of your website is for your target audiences, but it is also very important to consider what you as a business want to get out of your website.

Do you want to visitors to be submitting an inquiry form, calling you via the telephone, submitting content, subscribing to your newsletter, purchasing online or something else? Often there are a number of defined goals which you will hope that your visitors will reach through your website. Once you have defined these goals, your website pages should collectively be guiding visitors down paths towards these goals.

Website GoalsWithout this clear definition, websites end up being a collection of non-linked pages that have no defined outcome for visitors. However if you can make sure that every page is working for you to reach that goal (and this means having calls to action and links to those goals on each page), then you will have a much more effective offering.

So who does this well? Unfortunately not many companies have got this in place and instead are relying on visitor defined goals only. One site I did come across which leverages calls to actions on most pages is the Commonwealth Bank.

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