My Lemonade Stand – Integrating Applications

Lemonade StandReferral business has always been big online and recently some companies have setup ways to further leverage this in a social networking environment.

I recently tried out “Lemonade” where members can create a “Lemonade stand” showcasing some of their favourite products. This application can then be imported into a blog or Facebook so that friends can see what things you like and better yet, purchase the products you recommend. The way the model works is that Lemonade provides its members with a commission on any sales made through your stand.

I found the setup process with Lemonade a little frustrating, with the search functionality to find key products being a little clunky and no browse option available.  It is also primarily setup around American products and their range is far from complete which makes it hard to refer more specific or local options. All in all though it is a neat demonstration of the way in which application development is expanding and how business can now base their whole model around integrating their application with an established base.

(To see my lemonade stand, you’ll have to find me on Facebook).

One Response to My Lemonade Stand – Integrating Applications

  1. Jen says:

    Lemonade is a very interesting concept but very US centric. Sometimes I find this frustrating, to be so far removed from the hubbub of new stuff coming out of the US. Other times I’m happy to be free of it all.

    When we see a blog entry or news story about someone who made their first million on Lemonade then we might see some greater interest and maybe the usability improve!

    ~ Jen.

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