Music to Licence + Joost Officially Launches

Pump AudioMusic to Licence

This month Getty Images has launched a new audio licensing site following their recent acquisition of Pump Audio. The site adds to Getty’s previous image offering to now allow independent music to be licensed for advertising use. Although the site launches in a pop up window (which I’m not a fan of) the site is really easy to use with a pleasant user interface. It’s super easy to sort and search music and they can be previewed on the spot with no downloads. To give you an idea of costs – to license one track for a global company (over 1 million worth of revenue) for 1 year on a website is $1,330 AUD.

Joost Launches

Joost_homeSome of you may have read my earlier article in May about Joost – well now Joost has officially launched. Joost is a way of watching TV via the internet through a downloadable application on your computer. It is free to use and there are a lot of shows to watch (some familiar, some not so). In the pre-launch phase, people could only get access to Joost if they were invited by a friend, but now – it’s available to everyone. If you haven’t checked out Joost before, it’s worth a look.

At this stage it’s also worth mentioning that there are now a few strong competitors to Joost. is getting some attention at the moment as it doesn’t require an application download, however my preliminary trials have produced pretty low quality videos with inconsistent streaming through DNA Stream. The other alternative is Bablegum which is another downloadable application. I wouldn’t say that any of these programs are in the ideal phase yet, but it’s great to see a few options being trialled which will ultimately lead to some mainstream usage, hopefully allowing access to even more content.

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