Studying Online and Interactive

Over the next few years I’m expecting people’s knowledge of areas relating to online and interactive to expand exponentially with the growth driven with current high school graduates.

My 7 year old nephew rang me last weekend and asked if I could help him to build a blog and he is in grade 3. By the time he is 18 imagine what his knowledge in this area will be like. By the time the kids currently at school graduate they will have grown up using the internet, and not know any alternative. They will have built many websites, studied online businesses and probably also have a good understanding of technology.

When I went to university in the late 90’s there weren’t any courses available on the topic of online marketing. Rather people like me usually studied something else (like business or IT) and then learnt about online and interactive through on the job experience.

Of course this has all changed and now there are some great new courses available for study at universities and other professional development programs. Here is a list of some of the topics that people can study in Brisbane.

•    Bachelor of Business – Online Business (UQ)
•    Master of Commerce – Electronic Commerce (UQ)
•    Graduate Certificate in Interaction Design (UQ)
•    Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment (QUT)
•    Bachelor of Mass Communication (QUT)
•    Bachelor of Multimedia (Griffith)
•    Graduate Certificate in eCommerce (Griffith)
•    Bachelor of Games Design (Griffith)
•    Bachelor of Visual Media (Griffith)
•    Diploma in Direct and Digital Marketing (ADMA)
•    B2B Digital Marketing (ADMA)
•    Digital Marketing (ADMA)

I think you’ll agree that some of these topics sound pretty cool – imagine spending a few years studying “Games and Interactive Entertainment”!

Of course with the education of this knowledge stream being more formalised we should be able to expect a lot from the graduates of the future right? After all, I’ve only been using computers and the internet for maybe 15 years, where as now, kids start surfing (albeit with their parents) from as young as 2 or 3. That means that by the time they are my age, they will have (almost) double the experience that I currently do. The question is, will they be able to apply this knowledge to keep the evolution of technology proceeding at the current pace, or will they have grown up with the restraints of technology growth and not be able to think outside of the square? Either way, it’s going to be an exciting ride!

One Response to Studying Online and Interactive

  1. Danilo Gutierrez says:

    Being a graduate of the Bachelor of Multimedia (the second group to go through – class of 99) i can say it was pretty exciting back then. I can only imagine how much more improved that degree has become over the years. I remember Dreamweaver and Flash had only just come out and Director was still the biggest multimedia tool, mostly used for CD ROM based programs. How the world has changed.

    To your question, I think that the next generation of Online Marketers and Developers will not only have the ability to think outside the box, they’ll also have the tools to make it happen a lot quicker. I qualify this by saying that I think the barriers to technology will be a lot lower, with open-source and free applications probably being in higher circulation. I mean, reflect on the whole notion of having your own website back in the late 90s. It was a lot of work! Now, we have blogs with built-in CMS, optimised for SEO, and its ridiculously simple to use. We have YouTube, Feedburner, Flickr, Facebook, Desktop widgets.. it just goes on and on. I struggle to imagine what blog/youtube/facebook type evolutions exist beyond the first decade of the 21st century.

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