The Latest Beer Ad Is Here

TooheysA new multi-channel campaign, “Harvested” is currently running for Toohey’s Extra Dry which incorporates a TV commercial and an extensive website presence. The latest in a stream of big budget beer campaigns, this one doesn’t disappoint and has a whole theory and tests around how the ultimate beer is formulated. The campaign has all the key multi-channel elements – if anything, it has almost too many options for the audience. Here are the things I found when I checked it out:

TV Commercial
– watch the TVC
– view the “trials” (explore background)
– refer a friend  (to send link to TVC or trials)
– online game (user engagement)
– uploading images (user generated content)
– new music to listen to
– explore the details (the details behind the concept)
– the guide book, complete with page turning technology

All in all it’s obvious that a lot of time has been put into this campaign – as well as a significant budget. I like the concept for the ad and the creative execution shows a consistently high quality with no stone left unturned. The only criticisms that I have is that whilst there is loads of content for the user to look at I’m not sure that there is enough true interaction with the client, no longer term engagement strategy to the campaign. In addition to that, the site itself is also quite difficult to navigate and it would be easy to miss an entire area of the site if you didn’t proactively search for navigation. At the end of the day it comes back to the “quality not quantity” adage, and that is the question of this campaign.

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