Keep Your Unsubscribe Process Easy

No organisation wants people to unsubscribe from their email database HOWEVER, if someone has decided that your communications are no longer relevant to them, then the unsubscribe process needs to remain as simple as possible. People may want to unsubscribe (or update their details) for a range of reasons such as lack of relevance, changed circumstances, new email details or even simple email overload. It is at this time where you don’t want to harm your company’s reputation by putting unsubscribe barriers in place, instead you want to foster the customer relationship you already have and provide them with the high quality service they are used to.

Unfortunately there is a lot of variation in unsubscribe processes, which is largely due to the differing technology infrastructure supporting the database. However regardless of your technical setup, there are simple usability items that you can do to make the process clear and simple. Here is an example of what to do, and what not to do:

What to do:

Make the process easy by having as few steps as possible and clearly labeling options.

click on image above to see the full example

What not to do:

In this case the unsubscribe link is somewhat hidden in a few lines of text meaning a reader has to look harder than usual to locate it. The process that follows isn’t much better:

click on image above to see the full example

As you can see, some processes are more complicated than they need to be and often companies are oblivious that their customers are going through these processes. If you have an email newsletter or subscription email, double check your processes today.

One Response to Keep Your Unsubscribe Process Easy

  1. daniel says:

    couldn’t agree more, Louisa!

    There’s another bad bi-product of making your unsubscribe process tough: People just start hitting the ‘This is Spam’ buttons in their webmail accounts. The more times that happens, the more likely you are to get blacklisted.

    I look forward to reading more from you.


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