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It’s not often that I have a great experience on a mobile website and today was the exception, hence why Im sharing!

I don’t surf the web frequently from my mobile for two key reasons. Firstly it’s too expensive and secondly I am usually left disappointed by the experience. So today when I was out and looking for my nearest ANZ branch, I had low expectations.

I’m pleased to say that my expectations were well surpased! I navigated to anz.com.au and found a specially developed mobile site at my disposal. The site had obviously had some thought put into it about why people want to access ANZ from their mobile and it had condensed the options into clear buttons. I was able to very quickly navigate through 3 screens to find the information I was after and it was fast to download and pain free.

You can see the screengrabs of my experience here:

Now if only other sites would take a leaf out of ANZ’s book on this one. Well done!

One Response to Easy To Use Mobile Site

  1. Matt says:

    Yes, mobile web is on its way, but as you noted, there are still issues.
    The other day I wrote a bit about how mobiles were still up against it due to costs.

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