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Today I heard about Photon‘s latest start up agency called “The Population“. In an interesting move, Photon has decided to create a niche online social media and marketing agency which focuses purely on blogs, online forums and social networking websites. You can find out more about the press release in the AFR.

I feel quite unsettled about this new development in an already extensively fragmented digital agency market. Whilst I appreciate the value in having core specialists to manage complex areas in digital marketing, I am uneasy about splitting off each area into a separate agency. Now in addition to the potential 3rd party developer, strategy, SEM/SEO, media buying, email, analytics, creative agencies etc that a company has to worry about (and thats just in digital!), a social media agency has been thrown into the mix. Surely this could have been a specialty offered within one of Photons already existing 6 internet marketing and communication companies?

In Brisbane it is still hard enough to get digital on the table in a truely integrated campaign. With The Population, how will the agencies work together to make sure that social media is a part of the whole online strategy, backed up by everything else the company is doing online?

Whilst I’m sure some companies will jump at the quick fix answer to leveraging social media, I urge you to stop and think about the bigger picture here. And that is, if it’s not a concerted effort that ties in with everything else done online, we are only creating an additional separation from other online marketing activity occuring, thus potentially confusing and/or isolating our target audience we are trying so hard to bond with.

The Population website wasn’t live at the time of writing this article. Hopefully soon!

5 Responses to New Niche Digital Agency

  1. Tony Thomas says:

    Louisa. Thanks for the post on our new business. In response I just want to say a couple of things:
    1. We are not a media agency or digital agency. There are enough of them already and they are doing a good enough job at creating communication stimulus for consumers. We are providing marketers a means of deeper, more consistent and more long term dialogue across all marketing disciplines (as consumers expect)
    2. Social media has provided a platform for basic brand consumer relationship development which is longer term and more upstream than during communications execution.
    3. Agency specialization is a given as the communications model evolves. No agency specialization would occur if the capability was being adequately provided in the current model.
    Change is always unsettling but our industry should be driven by consumers not our own structured model.
    Also – We hope to have our site up soon.

  2. Louisa says:

    Thanks for your feedback Tony. It’s a good testament to see blog monitoring in action and we look forward to following The Population’s progress.

  3. Nick says:

    Very strange to me that this would go to press and the website not be ready.

    Surely a Social Media and Marketing specialist would have ‘functional website’ as a high priority.

    I read about this on smartcompany – then tried to find the site – and couldn’t find it anywhere on Google. That’s a frustrating disconnect to hit the market with.

    Great site Louisa – first time here – will be back for sure.


  4. Nick says:

    Also very impressive that they would reply here so quickly. I good sign they have an understanding of the way opinions form fast online.

  5. Tony Thomas says:

    Nick – ideally would have had the site up but the PR strategy was brought forward by 2 weeks by investigative journalists who got a whiff of the story – and in this instance you either let them run with it or get involved. I always think its better to get involved.
    The site will be up soon..

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