5 Website Must-Haves

It’s frustrating to see companies who have a new website built only to find out that the website is not up to scratch in delivering some of the basic requirements. If you are a corporate who is currently building a website or has recently had one built, here are 5 take away must-haves to make sure are included.

1. Make Sure It Works

This may sound obvious, but make sure your website works before you go live. This takes lots of testing. Test all the processes, click on every link and try testing in as many browsers and operating systems that you can. You don’t want to leave a bad impression on your new guests so try and make the processes as good as you can for them.

2. How Will We Update It?

These days it is pretty easy to get a content managed website allowing you to change copy, images and even pages and navigation. If you instead have to pay a developer to make these types of changes for you, you are being ripped off! Content Managed Websites start from about $5000 (even less if you buy a restricted or off the shelf version) so there is no excuse for not having one. After all, if you cant update your content both your visitors and your marketing team will quickly become frustrated!

3. Use Calls To Action

This is a pet favourite of mine and I cant stress it enough. If you are selling online and you show a product, it is fairly obvious that you need a button or link allowing them to purchase that product and thus leading them through your shopping process. However, if you are using your website as a sales tool, but not selling online, the same principle still applies! I see too many websites which have pages and pages of content and at the bottom of the page the text finishes and then…nothing. No call to action, no guide to the next step, no instruction to tell me how to find out more, get in touch with the company, request more information etc.

If this is you, then you are missing out on opportunities! Make sure you at least have a text call to action on every key page of content on your website. Don’t create website dead ends!

4. Make Sure The Site Reflects Your Brand and Product

Sometimes I wonder how sites out there ever got sign off on their design. There are so many great things that you can do with a design and even if you’re on a tight budget there is no excuse for having a boring website.

  • Use imagery where possible – a site without imagery won’t stand out and won’t help you to sell your product.
  • Keep your colours consistent with your branding.
  • Maintain your style – although sometimes you might want to add bolded red, larger font to your homepage, resist it! There is a fine line between attention grabbing and tacky and there are definitely other ways to get your visitors attention without compromising your brand.

5. Make Sure You Track Activity – And Use Those Stats!

Ensuring you have some website statistics implemented on your site will ensure that you can optimise your website and content based on factual data. Not only do you want to know the basic info like how many people came and when, but you will want to know what they did, how long they stayed and whether they followed the paths through your website that you wanted. Google Analytics is a great base stats package thats free, so there is no excuse. Developers – make it a mandatory for any site you build!

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    Hi Louisa
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