Google Ad Planner

Have you heard of Google Ad Planner? It is a new, free online advertising ad planning tool which helps advertisers to target sites for their ads.

The tool is currently in beta format, only available to a restricted audience but I’m interested in seeing the effect this will have in the Australian ad planning market.

One of the keys to this tool working is the correct measurement of website traffic for websites being considered for advertising. Google is also promoting that users can define their audience and select sites that meet this target. Plus in the setup you can define which keywords your target audience might be using which I assume aids in Google defining suitability of sites. So where is Google getting this data?

Apparently the data will be estimated using a number of tools and verified by some of the data in Google Analytics. At a future date site owners may also be able to contribute their data to Googles to make a more complete picture.

Google states they won’t be including all sites in this tool. Only ones that meet a minimum level of traffic and allow their sites to be searched by Google bots. There is no opt out available either, so all sites that want to appear in Google search results don’t have a choice about appearing in Ad Planner.

I’ll let you know when Ad Planner becomes widely available, but in the meantime you can view the Ad Planner help centre which may answer some of your questions.

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