Multi-tasking: everthing + web

I know I’m a bit of a web addict, but this morning I was eating my breakfast and reading my new Nett Magazine and I realised that I really wanted my computer on beside me so that I could follow through from the articles and check out the corresponding websites online too.

Given that a lot of the articles in this mag involve a website related story it seems only logical to be able to follow through and check out the website that Ive just invested a few minutes in reading about. I also noticed that I responded in a similar way to advertisements I was interested in which listed a URL.

So of course I went and got my laptop, checked out the links and decided to write about this topic while I am here too.

So how widespread is this habit? Do you combine media in this way? Studies have shown that people are multi-tasking much more across media and I think marketers are finally catching on,  allowing them to further leverage campaigns by having interlinking components across different mediums.

Check out Marketing Charts stats on multi-tasking across different media.

Now the trick for me is to explain to people like my husband that me turning on my computer during breakfast isn’t actually working, a key problem with being actually interested in the area I work in for a living!

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