Online Shopping Expectations

Is it just me? Do I have particularly high expectations regarding timely online shopping? I don’t think so, which is why I wrote this complaint email to Coles Online after my experience today:


After hearing that Coles Online is now available in Brisbane and given that I’m due to have my first baby in approx a week I was quite excited about the convenience online shopping would offer.

Over the last few days I have invested quite a bit of time building up a standard shopping list on the website. This afternoon I decided to place an order of items that I need to buy.

After spending more time getting this setup and filling my online shopping cart today I am very disappointed to find out that after all that I cant actually get my order delivered before 6pm on Friday night – 4 days away and even then only one time slot is available for the rest of this week.

What a let down! This experience will really make me think twice about shopping with Coles Online again as if I cant get a timely service, what is the point?

Kind regards,


2 Responses to Online Shopping Expectations

  1. Matt says:

    I guess it would have been an interesting experiment to have gone to you local Coles, filled a real shopping trolley and at the checkout discovered when the goods in your trolley could have been delivered.

    Perhaps the instant gratificvation of the web (like all those online supports that are never online and emails that take “within 2 working days” to get a response has created unreal expectations…..

  2. C. Ashley says:

    I had a read of your comments… sounds very much like my experiences with Coles recently!! I’ve been online shopping in Brisbane for years. a really good company called . I did a couple of online grocery shops with Coles and never again! They left everything on my doorstep and some of the things were not in bags and I found the lack of service really surprising…
    I use this Brisbane company once a month or so now for the heavy things and thier meat. Very happy with the meat, the drivers bring it right into the house for me – never had a drama. I guess there are a few good online shops out there ones out there, you just have to google it.

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