What Do You Want From Your Digital Strategist?

Being a Digital Strategist comes with a certain amount of responsibility. In a fast moving industry there is a lot to keep up to date with. Every day new websites are being launched, new advertising methods are introduced, new trends evolve and there are plenty of new things to keep abreast of.

For me personally, the internet isnt just about work, it’s also a something I enjoy being part of. I’m interested in how things evolve, what the new sites, gadets and ideas are and how technology is being used. For me the lines between work and a hobby can sometimes become blurry.

A few years ago there weren’t many Digital Strategists around, but these days there seem to be a lot more people working in this area. When finding a strategist to work with, their experience level is one thing, but what ‘interest level’ do you want from the person working on your company’s digital direction?

How important is it for your strategist to have experience in some of the “newer” web elements. Things like blogging, promoting a blog, using microblogging, participating in user generated content, knowing what people do on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or SlideShare? And what about mobile? Do you want them to have a working knowledge of phone applications, bluetooth, WAP elements etc?

Or perhaps it is enough for them to know about the more “traditional” online marketing elements only. Things like online ads, email marketing and search. How to build a website and hopefully get traffic to it using these other techniques.

I know for me personally, my preference would be to work with someone who is passionate about all the different, new and old things online. Someone who can make informed decisions about which direction is best for my business. Or maybe I’m just biased.

Food for thought…

One Response to What Do You Want From Your Digital Strategist?

  1. jamesduthie says:

    I don’t think you’re biased Louisa, but then again… I’m clearly from the same school as yourself. I think you need to have a level of experience with the new tools to understand them. A practical example for you to demonstrate why it’s far better to get someone who plays in the space…

    I came across a micro site recently for a new vehicle. It had the usual bells & whistles including Flash animation, product info, a few vids & a couple of downloads. But I noticed in the bottom right hand corner a ‘Digg this’ and ‘delicious’ button. Clearly at some point someone involved in the strategic development of the project thought it would be a good idea to tack on a ‘social component’. What they don’t get is that no one is ever going to Digg what is essentially an ad for that car (without getting slaughtered by the Digg bury brigade). This person clearly had no idea what type of content is appropriate for social media because they haven’t played in the space…

    And I believe congratulations are in order by now Louisa… 🙂

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