Downloading TV Shows

You may have seen the recent SmartCompany article regarding iiNet being in trouble for letting customers illegally download TV shows and movies. I have to say this topic is something that really frustrates me.

Here in Australia it is virtually impossible to download a TV show legally, regardless of whether you pay for it or not. Some TV stations are starting to have videos on their websites, but often it is only a summary snippet and not the full episode. Last week I missed the season finale of a show I watch and now I have no possible way to see it. I would be happy to pay a few dollars to download it online but the networks are so backwards in allowing this.

So what is the answer here? I first blogged about this in April 2007 and no progression has been made by the powers that be. It’s illegal to download shows online and yet there is no legal way for Australians to access this content. I’m sure there are licensing issues at play here but is it really this hard? Any of your thoughts on this topic would be appreciated…

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