A Revival

For some time now I have been contemplating getting back into blogging – so here I am, dusting off http://www.onlinemarketingstuff.com.au.

I have been very inspired by a blog I have recently found called www.22michaels.com which shares stories about start up business Shoes of Prey. I met Mike Knapp recently when he spoke at one of my Interactive Minds events and I love how the founders of Shoes of Prey share details, diagrams, graphs and questions on their blog. All real life information that helps me to run my business and provides solid benchmarks and reality checks along the way.

I have been thinking that as a small business owner of an internet start up perhaps I could share my experiences in a similar way and help others whilst at the same time getting feedback and input from an online community. My start up business Skimp.com.au is in its infancy and we have lots of things on the go and lots still to come.

So stay tuned as the sharing begins. Optimisation campaigns, growth strategies, zero budget marketing and lots of questions too!

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