How We Doubled Sales In a Month!

As a start-up with limited resources and literally hundred things on my to-do list, one of my recent concerns was that we could get so stuck in the day-to-day that months could pass without major milestones being hit.

I know, I know. It’s an obvious thing to set targets for any business and I have plenty. But they haven’t been revisited in full since launch and can often get lost when there are customers to service, partners to keep happy and business development to be done. Plus with no one to report to but myself I needed to assign some accountability in the short term.

So last month I took a few minutes to sit down and work out some key goals for the month. I decided that March would be all about improving conversion and sales and I set the target of doubling sales in the month. (An ambitious target, but we are working from a reasonably small base and I knew it was possible).

I’m pleased to say that as we have now come to the conclusion of March that we just scraped in to meet our target!

So how did we do this? A few simple things:

  • We called customers to see if we could help them to convert to a sale. We already had their details from the quote request and we know they are wanting to buy. Not only did a reasonable amount convert but it also gave us an opportunity to get their feedback on the service.
  • We created more opportunities for customers to buy. We added a new section to our website called Instant Prices, which is basically a small catalogue products with pre-negotiated prices. So when customers aren’t sure of the model they want or they don’t have the 24 hours to wait for a quote, they can chose to buy an Instant Price item.
  • We are now working more closely with partners. We have some great partners and this month we made sure we got in contact with all of them, offered them some exclusive specials and gave them a reason to tell their members about Skimp. Hopefully we can keep this going.
  • We created test pages and setup some website optimiser campaigns in Google. This is a longer term process that is still a work in progress. More updates on that coming soon.

So we managed to meet the target set in March. Not only did we double the value of products sold but we doubled our revenue and also our traffic. Best yet, some of our hard work is still yet to pay off. Now the challenge will be to try and maintain this sales level whilst achieving my new April target!

One Response to How We Doubled Sales In a Month!

  1. James Duthie says:

    Love Google Optimiser. So good for clients without huge marketing budgets. Haven’t seen a business yet that couldn’t benefit from a little landing page testing.

    Welcome back by the way. Very impressed you’ve rejuvinated the blog with 2 boys to look after!!

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