A Few Good Advertisers…

October 29, 2007

If you work in the advertising industry, you might find this video amusing…

Brisbane Viral Game Goes Live

June 7, 2007

Briz QuizBrisbane’s premier site, ourbrisbane.com today launched their Briz Quiz game to the public. The game is looking for Brisbane’s Trivia King and has heaps of great prizes to give away in support the campaign. Of course there are scoreboards and referral elements too – if you’re up for a challenge and a fun viral game, take a look.

UK Music MashUp Game

May 30, 2007

MusicMashUpCheck out the new Music MashUp game run by MSN Music in the UK. To play the game and have a chance at winning the prizes you need to listen to the sound bites and read the clues that appear in MSN Live Search in order to guess the song title. It is fairly easy to complete (even for someone not good at guessing song titles!) and it is a bit of fun to play too. There is also a version for celebrities and for movies if they are more your thing.

The purpose of the game and competition seems to be to encourage users to use MSN’s Live Search however in my opinion there are a few flaws to consider.

Firstly, whilst the MSN Live Search clues may help, the user could easily guess the song title without consulting MSN Live Search which makes that component a bit superfluous. I also had browser issues (using IE7) with the search which somehow removed the scroll bar from the window. This meant I couldn’t scroll any of the results (clues) which was rather frustrating when I was actually trying to consider them.

Apart from these items, it was a fun game to play – have a go!

UK New Viral Game

May 18, 2007

Trolley_racerThe UK’s higher education central application body has launched a new viral game, Trolley Racer in the hopes of driving traffic to the site and supporting their commercial partners. The game allows students to race around a university campus in a trolley, racing against the clock and against the leader board. It is setup so that students from different campus can race each other, thus establishing some rivalry and hoped stickiness.

The referral part of the game is fairly elementary with it triggering a simple prepopulated email through an installed email client and allowing the users to enter their friends names. I would question if this matches how students use email – do most students have Outlook or Outlook Express setup, or do they simply use online versions either through school or uni or the likes of hotmail (in which case the referral won’t be nearly as effective)?

It also has to be asked whether trolley racing is something that the universities would actually want to encourage?

All in all its a fun little game to play however I would personally question how well it will meet its objectives…

Mentos Viral Ad

April 20, 2007

Check out this viral video currently on YouTube

If you missed the URL in it, here it is: http://www.makeartpop.ca/

This is one of the better viral videos that I’ve seen that follows through to engage the consumer.

The one area where it falls down is the lack of moderation in the user submitted content. This is vital to remember or it can distract from your brand message (see the gallery).

Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty

December 3, 2006

I’m sure many of you have been exposed to Dove’s “Real Beauty ” campaign which is not only getting much coverage offline but is also doing the rounds as a viral campaign online. This video is one of the few examples of a television campaign which can be used online with little modification and it still gets sent around. They also have a website to compliment the campaign www.campaignforrealbeauty.com.au.

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