This page provides you with links to authoritative sources of information for conducting online marketing activity, primarily in Australia. In addition to this, I’m also sharing some of my personal favourite tools, events, networking and more.

Rules and Regulations

  • Australian Spam Act – all commercial electronic messages undertaken in Australia must adhere to the Australian Spam Act and comply with the elements of consent, identification and unsubscription. The website created by the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts will provide you with the details and PDF downloads of the SPAM Act for businesses. Visit the Australian Spam Act Home.
  • Standard Online Advertising Sizes – the Interactive Advertising Bureau has released a set of standard sizes for online advertising. It’s recommended that you utilise these sizes if you are considering adding any advertising space to your website. View the Universal Ad Package details.

Industry Bodies

  • Interactive Advertising Bureau Australia – formed by six major online publishers in Australia. Visit their website at
  • Australia Interactive Media Association – The AIMA have membership available and also run a range of events around Australia on Interactive Media. Visit their website at
  • Australian Direct Marketing Association – The ADMA provide a range of guidelines around direct mail and data usage. Visit their website at
  • The Email Experience Council – This is a global organisation focusing on email marketing and communication. Visit their website at

Interest Groups

  • Clickaholics Digital Ministry – Australia Digital Marketing and Media Professionals group that has regular events in Sydney and Melbourne. Visit their website at

Events and Networking

  • Interactive Minds – Interactive Minds runs monthly events for people interested in online and interactive in Brisbane. Each event includes networking as well as great speakers on a range of digital and interactive topics. Visit their website at
  • Networx Marketers Meeting – Networx has a monthly networking event in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne each month. It’s a great way to meet people in the marketing industry and they have a range of speakers who talk about topics including online. Visit their website at

Statistics and References

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