Unsubscribe – what not to do

From the email onwards, I found this process more difficult than it needed to be. Whilst there is an unsubscribe link in the footer, it is actually labeled “click here” meaning that the recipient has to read the surrounding text in order to get the context of the link.


After clicking on the email link, users then need to log into the Easy Jet website. Once on the member page there is a button called “Change your registered details”. If the user has managed to get this far, they then need to read a page with their details including name and address etc, plus a long list of cities which is used for database segmentation on interests. Then right at the bottom is this paragraph and tick box.

I had to read this page twice before I located the unsubscribe option. This is primarily because there is no heading on this area and again it is quite wordy which doesn’t assist usability when readers typically scan text on pages.

Once I had finally unsubscribed and updated my details, I then found this confirmation email in my inbox:


The issue with this email is that it reads “you have asked to receive the plain text edition of e-offers”, where of course I believe that I should now have completed the unsubscribe process.

As outlined, the key issues demonstrated here are:

  • long winded unsubscribe process
  • poorly labeled unsubscribe links and headings
  • inconsistent messages (as shown by the email)

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